Here’s what’s new in November for Office 365 Blogs: The November 2017 update for Office 365 brings enterprise customers a number of new features and enhancements to security, privacy, and compliance. For instance, Resume Assistant in Office 365 with LinkedIn integration helps job-seekers cultivate the perfect resume. November’s update also simplified processes for enterprise customers, so they can focus on more important tasks. Blogs: Additionally, the November update brought some new tools to allow Office 365 subscribers more tools so they can get things done. Here’s a look at how Office 365 business apps help enterprise customers with their daily business needs. Blogs: Advanced eDiscovery is a tool that helps analyze information about a business topic or specific client. Office 365 E5 subscribers can upload documents from outside Office 365 with the Advanced eDiscovery content import feature. The Advanced eDiscovery tool provides enterprises with one way to compile and analyze compliance processes to get things done more efficiently.

Office 365 subscribers can also get more secure OneDrive and SharePoint internal and external sharing links. Now you can send and receive links without requiring a Microsoft account. Compliance Manager is another tool that is built directly in Office 365, that is available starting this month. Compliance Manager uses Microsoft’s security and compliance tools to ensure enterprise customers are meeting regulatory requirements to meet federal industry guidelines.

Microsoft StaffHub is another tool that helps organizations automate many of the daily tasks and manage their workforce more efficiently. StaffHub helps organizations know what projects their employees and working on and when they clock in and clock out on a project. StaffHub helps employers and employees stay informed on what they need to do on a daily basis.

Other benefits of the November 2017 update include:

Automate files with Microsoft Flow in OneDrive
Automatic drive classification with Mile IQ
GDPR Compliance
Office Lens is now integrated within OneNote

Stay tuned for December’s update for Office 365, as Microsoft continues to improve its services for enterprise customers.

Ebay ups its Office 365 bid, moving to E5 communications and analytics Blogs: The Office team announced today that eBay is the latest big tech company to adopt Office 365 Enterprise E5, Microsoft’s top-of-the-line Office 365 plan that includes everything from the familiar Office tools to analytics tools and advanced security features. “eBay joined the Office 365 family of enterprise customers a few years ago, and I’m excited that the groundbreaking online retailer is now looking to take the next step toward advanced productivity by investing in Office 365 E5 for communication and analytics,” explained Ron Markezich, corporate vice president at Microsoft on the Office blog. Blogs: The online retailer currently has 30,000 employees in 62 locations across the globe, and the company sees Office 365 as a flexible and manageable productivity solution that empowers its workforce. Rami Mazid, head of Global Infrastructure and End Users Services at eBay shared:

At eBay, we were built on the belief that we can empower and connect people to create more opportunity, specifically through commerce. Within our own company, we’ve mirrored that same belief by leveraging technology and tools that enable our employees to easily connect and collaborate with one another. We’re using cloud-based technologies like Office 365 to give our employees the flexibility to work how they want, helping them forge bonds with colleagues across geographical boundaries for greater productivity. And we’re doing this in a way that’s both manageable and trustworthy for us as an enterprise.

Since Microsoft launched its Office 365 E5 plan back in December 2015, the comprehensive offering has been embraced by various types of organizations such as Renault Sport Formula One and Kansas City. Last year, the company revealed that the cloud productivity suite had reached 70 million commercial subscribers as of September 26. announces Collage, brings disconnected info together, all within Outlook Blogs:, a company that develops Outlook add-ins for Office 365 users has announced today Collage, a new add-in that brings together information from different cloud services, social tools, and more to make the email client much more useful. The company calls its Collage the “first topic computing solution” that will help workers address information overload, all within Outlook. Blogs: The Outlook add-in can connect Office 365 users to various services and tools such as Salesforce, Yammer, Zendesk, and more, and the company says that its Collage technology leverages machine learning and Microsoft Graph to add topical context to your information. “ Collage eliminates app noise and removes the need for workers to open multiple, process-specific applications and email chains by automatically organizing them by topic within Outlook,” shared the company. “The advanced, topic-driven sidebar allows workers to see the big picture while staying focused on the topic at hand—be it a specific product, customer, project, campaign or service.”

Collage works with Outlook on the Web, Outlook 2013 or later and Outlook 2016 for Mac, but be aware that you must have an Office 365 or Exchange email account to use it. If you want to try it, you can get the Outlook add-in on the Office Store.

Microsoft introduces Visio Online, diagrams in high fidelity from anywhere Blogs: Microsoft’s Visio Online is a service that allows users to access their charts, graphs, and diagrams from anywhere on any device. Visio Online began as a public preview in November 2016 and has now reached general availability as Microsoft Visio Online. While you are likely to have a better experience using Microsoft Edge, Visio Online can be accessed using any browser you choose. Blogs: Starting today, Visio Online is available to almost all Office 365 enterprise users. Additionally, IT professionals can take advantage of the JavaScript APIs to customize Visio capabilities for their company. Blogs: The Visio team work diligently to offer users the best experience possible. The Visio team used feedback received from the Visio Online Public Preview in November 2016 to provide the latest features and improvements to increase mobility. Visio Online now supports VSD file format as well as Exchange Online, and Hotmail email user online viewing support. Now, Visio Online also supports commenting; allowing teams to review, discuss, and comment on process flows, data, and more.

The Office Dev Center has detailed instructions as well as technical details for the Javascript APIs with Visio Online. The Visio team also invites users to use the Visio Online UserVoice for suggestions, questions, or comments about Visio Online.

Microsoft Teams adds Markdown support, Team Tile on Office Portal, more Blogs: If you’re currently using Microsoft Teams, then you should know that Microsoft has just updated a few of the experiences within the chat-based workspace. The Redmond giant has added support for markdown to Teams, added a Team tile to the Office Portal, new tabs for Channels, and much more. We’ve gathered the details for you about these changes from across the web and have compiled all the changes into one report.

Teams Tile: Blogs: As noted by Tech Community contributor Stephan Swinford, leading off the list of changes is the fact that Teams tile is now on the Office Portal. Availability of the tile on the Office Portal means that users no longer need to manually type in in order to access the Microsoft Teams web experience.

Teams TIle Office 365 Portal -

Teams Tile Office 365 Portal

Tabs: Blogs: Next up is the fact that there is now support for some new tabs for channels in Microsoft Teams, first noted here on The first of the new tabs include Microsoft Stream. If you missed it, Microsoft Stream is a new business-oriented video sharing service which aims give businesses the ability to share internal videos in the same flexibility of which YouTube already offers, with the security benefits of Azure Active Directory.

Second on the list of new tabs is “Website” which is basically functions as a viewer to let you open new websites within Teams. Interestingly enough, you can give the website your own name in the Tab, though it would appear that you only can only open up websites which support HTTPS.

Last on the list is YouTube, which, as the name suggests, is a tab which allows you to view YouTube videos, and search for videos from within the tab.

Website Tabs in Teams -

Website Tabs in Teams


Also new to Teams is Markdown support. With Markdown Support, you can format text on the fly or collaborate on code. A long requested feature, Microsoft gives a pretty good rundown of Markdown here on the Teams Uservoice Website.

  • Add asterisks to either end of some text to make it bold
  • Underscore the beginning and end of some text in order to make it italic
  • Add a tilde before and after your text to strike through
  • Add a double pound sign (##) before your text to create a Header
  • Type [text](URL) to create a hyperlink within a message
  • To start a bulleted list, preface your text with an asterisk (*) or a hyphen (-)
  • To start a numbered list, preface your text with
  • To create a block quote, just add a right-hand bracket (>) before your text
  • Even better, our markdown syntax includes support for code:
  • To add an inline block of code, start and end the block of text you want to add with an `
  • To add a multi-line block of code, preface your text with “` and then paste it into your compose box
Markdown in Teams -

Markdown in Teams

Other Changes:

Rounding out the list of new features for Microsoft Teams is a new compose box in messages, improvements in calls, and support for up to 999 users in one team.

First of all, as noted by MSPU, with the new compose box, there are now different buttons for the common Teams tasks such as sending  GIFS, emojis, custom memes, attaching files scheduling meetings.  The compose box itself can also be expanded, meaning most compose related features are now easily accessible.

Additionally, with the improvements to calls, team members can hold and transfer their calls to other members on the team. Other tidbits which have changed include the fact that Teams now adds the top 5 channels of a team to your favorites and a slight change where your available status won’t change when you have the app running idle.

Compose Box

The expanded compose box

It’s reassuring to see that Microsoft is continuing to work on Microsoft Teams and adding in new and improved experiences as time progresses. As always, feel free to check out these features for yourself on your version of Microsoft Teams, or head here to download the app. Once you’ve checked things out, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.