www.office.com/setup Blogs: Dave has a large database that he keeps in an Excel workbook. It consists of material samples and uses the VLOOKUP function to generate various forms and reports. Dave wants to include a bitmap image on the form that changes according to one of the variables. For instance, if the form is describing an apple, then Dave wants a picture of an apple to appear; if describing a pear, then a pear should appear; and so on.

This is certainly a challenging task, but it is one that can surprisingly be done without macros. The steps are involved, but not that difficult to perform once you get to it:

    1. On a new worksheet, select a cell (such as cell B4).
    2. Enter the name “apple” into the Name box. This defines the name “apple” to refer to cell B4.
    3. With cell B4 still selected, choose Insert | Picture | From File. Select the picture of the apple and insert it.
    4. Enlarge the width and height of cell B4 so that the picture of the apple is contained entirely within the cell.
    5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each of your other pictures, placing each picture in a different cell and naming them according to the contents of the picture. (For the sake of this example, I’ll assume that “pear” is cell D4 and “orange” is cell F4.)
    6. On the worksheet that will contain your form, create a formula that will contain the names of the fruit, such as the following formula, which displays “apple,” “pear,” or “orange,” depending on the value in cell G1. (It is important that the formula reference the names exactly as you defined them in step 2 for each fruit’s picture. For the sake of this example, I’ll assume that you entered this formula in cell A1 of Sheet1.)
    1. Choose Name from the Insert menu, then choose Define. Excel displays the Define Name dialog box. (See Figure 1.)


Figure 1. The Define Name dialog box.

    1. Replace the contents of the Names In Workbook box with the word “Picture”.
    2. Replace the contents of the Refers To box with the following formula:
  1. Click the OK button. You’ve now defined the name “Picture” to contain the formula entered in step 9.
  2. On the worksheet that will contain your form, select the cell where you want the dynamic image to appear.
  3. Choose Insert | Picture | From File. Select and insert a picture (it doesn’t matter which one).
  4. Make sure the picture you inserted in step 12 is selected.
  5. In the formula bar, enter the formula =Picture. (This is the name you defined in steps 7 through 10.) The picture should change to reflect whatever fruit is named in cell A1.

Now, whenever the fruit name in cell A1 changes (which is, in turn, based on the value in cell G1), the image will change.

ExcelTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training. This tip (3128) applies to Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003. You can find a version of this tip for the ribbon interface of Excel (Excel 2007 and later) here: Displaying Images based on a Result.

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stevecarley-headshot - www.office.com/setupwww.office.com/setup Blogs: From the smoky Whiskey River BBQ to the spicy Burnin’ Love, a well-crafted hamburger is the claim to fame of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. But there’s more on the menu at this casual-dining chain’s restaurants and considerably more to the company. Its core belief is that empowered, enthusiastic employees hold the key to both customer satisfaction and a healthy bottom line. One of the primary ways Red Robin builds the staff cohesion that drives success is its Yammer social network.

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Red Robin has more than 450 restaurants in the US and Canada. “We had a lot of informal communication channels in the past, and that meant a lot of information silos,” says CEO Steve Carley. “When I took this job, one of my core objectives was improving communication across geographical and organizational boundaries. We wanted to give everyone a voice, from management to team members serving the guests who come into our restaurants.”

While company brass knew communication had to change, it took a while to figure out how. “Our quarterly focus group kept telling us we weren’t communicating enough,” says Chris Laping, CIO and senior vice president of business transformation. “Initially, we thought that meant staff wanted more from management—more memos and meetings. Then we realized that what people were saying wasn’t so much, ‘We want to hear more,’ but ‘we want to be heard.’”

“Giving employees a business-oriented social network like Yammer—which is aligned to the way they work and communicate in their personal lives—is intuitive, uncomplicated, and makes good business sense,” he adds. “We want our team members taking care of guests, not nose-deep in training materials.”


Yammer encourages team members to feel connected to each other and plugged in to the heart of the business,” Laping observes. “When people care about their jobs, they execute beyond your wildest dreams.”

As Carley and Laping had hoped, Red Robin’s energized workforce has used Yammer like an engine—driving business transformation. For instance, when the company introduced the bacon-laden Pig Out burger, management was disappointed by the lack of customer feedback on Red Robin’s Facebook page—but learned a great deal from the considerable buzz on Yammer. “Managers started talking about ways to tweak the Pig Out recipe, and four weeks later, we had an improved, kitchen-tested version to roll out to restaurants,” Laping reports. “That’s a process that would have taken 12 to 18 months before.”

Last year, Red Robin’s CFO took to Yammer to issue a companywide challenge: the employee who came up with the best cost-saving idea would get $1,000. “Yammer let us have a really rich dialogue with team members and managers on all the cost-saving opportunities we have in the company,” says Laping. “The winning idea—a reusable kids’ cup—is a great way to give our environmentally conscious guests exactly what they want while introducing a great cost savings. I’m convinced that idea would never have surfaced if we didn’t have a social network.”

It’s not just restaurant staff who feel more plugged in to operations thanks to Yammer—it’s corporate executives, too. CEO Carley uses the network for everything from posting videos about business results to “liking” employee successes singled out by Yammer’s Praise feature. “But the number one thing I use Yammer for is to feel the pulse of the business from the perspective of front-line team members,” he says. “That’s invaluable to me.”

Social learning is the next step in Red Robin’s drive to more thoroughly engage its workforce. In late 2012, it began rolling out a new Yammer network they call “Yummerversity,” which uses collaboration to reinforce new team members’ training. “Traditional training doesn’t really encourage people to work with one another,” says Laping. “Yummerversity not only supports lessons picked up in training, it encourages connection and collaboration.”


One of the commitments Carley made when he stepped into the CEO role was shaving two percent off costs without compromising guests, team members or quality. In the past two years, the company has saved double that amount.

Part of the credit goes to Red Robin’s social network. “Yammer helps everybody align on the types of changes we’ll take on as a brand to win in the marketplace,” says Laping. “Change for change’s sake doesn’t mean much; business results matter far more. We’ve seen amazing growth in the last ten quarters, growth that has outperformed many bestinclass competitors. That tells me that our change agenda is working.”

“Historically, if you wanted to get ideas from the front line, you went out and you talked to people,” Carley says. “But you can only touch so many people that way. With Yammer, you can mine the collective wisdom of our 26,000-strong workforce.”

Another way Yammer makes Red Robin more agile is by leveraging the considerable power of crowdsourcing. “In the past, if you had a problem with gift cards, you first had to decide whom to reach out to so you could find your answer,” says Jessica Elliott, Communication and Deployment Manager. “Marketing, because they sell gift cards? IT, because you use technology to redeem a card? With Yammer, you don’t have to worry about who’s got the expertise you need. You just post a question and you get your answer—fast.”


  • Tighter ties. Stronger engagement across the business, from team members in restaurant kitchens to executives at headquarters.
  • Improved responsiveness. Customer feedback was used to tweak a new recipe, refine it in a test kitchen and roll it out to restaurants within a month—which would have taken more than a year without Yammer.
  • Enhanced employee education. Social learning supports lessons picked up in training while encouraging company cohesion and collaboration.
  • Impressive savings. Employee ideas shared and developed on the network contributed to significant cost savings over two years.
  • Broader and better collaboration. External Networks enable collaboration among staff and vendors for faster and better product development.
  • A foundation for the future. Yammer supports the rollout of new business initiatives and tools.

View Full Case Study

Original Post: https://blogs.office.com/2013/06/18/empowering-employees-and-creating-strong-engagement-for-better-customer-service/


www.office.com/setup Blogs: For those of you headed to Madrid, Spain for TechEd Europe June 24-28, we’ve got you covered. Bookmark this blog as your go-to reference for SharePoint sessions, along with all of the resources and links that you need to become a TechEd pro, even if this is your first conference (and if this is your first TechEd conference, check out this post).


Check out the overview of the TechEd Itinerary, so you know when to be up, when to break for lunch, and when it’s time to party. Keep this blog handy so you know how to get where you want to go. Staying in Madrid? Here is the website for the Madrid Metro system.


Have you still not finalized your schedule? Don’t fret. Here are links to key focus areas for SharePoint. Just follow the link, click the session title you want, and choose +My Schedule to add it to your calendar.

There is more going on than breakout sessions. Sharpen your SharePoint skills by attending hands-on labs where you’ll learn tons of new tricks in areas that range from auto-hosting apps, to building workflows to expanding your social abilities. Register now for SharePoint hands-on labs.


Arriving early? Be ready to hit the ground running and attend SharePoint seminar PRC08: Install and Configure SharePoint 2013. The seminar takes place at 9:00-17:00 on Monday, June 24. (The SharePoint topic is #8.) There are also many hands-on labs happening that day, plus you’ll have access to the Microsoft Certification Testing Center, which is open from 12:00-18:00. For a full overview, refer to the TechEd Itinerary.


Be part of the event experience. Earn badges by commenting in the forums, building your schedule, adding sessions to your personal agenda, and other unique accomplishments. Find out more here.


With a strong community forum and a full schedule of events, TechEd is the perfect place to meet industry players and forge lasting friendships. Bring your business cards and join the conversation. Find attendees and speakers with the TechEd Directory and learn more networking tips here:  Connect with Experts and Your Peers at TechEd!


There are 4 topic areas to choose from, and each topic is available all week. Spend one day at each one, or spend the whole week at one area. Mix and match however you want, the choice is yours!

  • Build Apps. Apps enable a new light-touch way to customize and integrate the Office and SharePoint experience.
  • Socialize. Enterprise Social enables engagement and collaboration allowing companies to transform their business by becoming more innovative and agile.
  • Immerse. Immerse yourself with the latest Office productivity tools and devices, everything from tablets to Ultrabooks right up to the most powerful devices and largest screens when you need to take on big challenges.
  • Upgrade. Get up and running quickly with the latest productivity services from Microsoft. We will show you how to get Office 365, easily upgrade SharePoint and deploy Office in no time.

Expo Hours:

  • Tuesday, June 25
    • 10:00am – 14:00
    • 18:00 – 20:00 (Expo Reception)
  • Wednesday, June 26
    • 10:00 – 13:30
    • 15:00 – 18:00
    • 18:15 – 21:00 (Ask the Experts)
  • Thursday, June 27
    • 10:00 – 13:30
    • 15:00 – 19:00 (16:00 – 19:00 Happy Hour)
  • Thursday, June 6
    • 11:00-14:00


Have questions? Check out the SharePoint product booths which will have panels of experts for deep technical conversations on the following topics:

Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. This is a great opportunity for networking and for some one-on-one Q&A time with an array of SharePoint pros.


Follow @SharePoint to stay connected to the SharePoint team and get the latest SharePoint tweets, updates, chances to win prizes, and more. We suggest you also follow @TechEd_Europe for more general conference information. The official hashtag for the conference is #MSTechEd, but we suggest you use the session track that you are tweeting about (Example: #TechEdSES), or both #MSTechEd and #SharePoint to help organize and foster discussions.

Make the most of Madrid and join the TechEd party

There are plenty of events surrounding TechEd that you should take full advantage of while you’re in Madrid. Take a look at Best Things to See, Do and Eat in Madrid, Spain for ideas on the best that the city has to offer, including restaurants, nightlife, and local attractions.  There are also bike clubs, jam sessions, parties, and meet-ups–check the forum to see what else is going on while you’re in town. And be sure to join us 19:30-midnight on Wednesday, June 26 for the TechEd Europe Country Drinks where you can relax, network and have drinks with other delegates from your country. Enjoy a menu of Spanish tapas and soft drinks, beer, wine, cava or sangria while at El Paseo de la Gastronomía, located in the southwest area of the city (just 5 minutes from the Plaza of Spain) in the Casa de Campo Fairgrounds. Housed in traditional and historic buildings, the restaurants of the Paseo de la Gastronomía combine excellent cuisine and beautiful surroundings-each with its own distinctive flavor. Join us for an unforgettable evening in Madrid.



Original Post: https://blogs.office.com/2013/06/18/sharepoint-teched-europe-cheat-sheet/


www.office.com/setup Blogs: Some people start up Microsoft Project with the greatest intentions. They add a few tasks, and then freeze–unsure of what to do next. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to get past that. We’ll demo the basics so that you can get started with more confidence and less stress.


  • How to add tasks to a project.
  • How to link tasks together.
  • How to assign people to tasks.
  • How to manage the working days in Project’s calendar


Go to http://aka.ms/offweb for more information on how to join the series.

–Dave Ludwig & Doug Thomas

Original Post: https://blogs.office.com/2013/06/17/webinar-get-started-with-project/



www.office.com/setup Blogs: With the 50th annual National Small Business Week
kicking off June 17th, it’s amazing to think just how vital small
businesses are to our economy. Small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S.
employer firms, 49 percent of private sector employment, and 46 percent of
private sector output, according to the U.S. Small Business

Yet, despite their critical importance, only half of U.S.
small business establishments survive five years or longer, and only one-third
survive 10 years or longer.

Surviving as a small business requires careful planning and execution;
it also entails smart day-to-day decisions, which includes the use of
technology. That’s exactly why a growing number of small businesses are
adopting Microsoft
Office 365: to increase productivity, exemplify professionalism, and stop
worrying about IT. In short, they want a competitive edge that enables them to


Small businesses are continuing to adopt Office 365. Today
we welcome customers FLO Wine, Mom Corps, Excel Anesthesia and Two Camel Films.

  • FLO Wine. The company uses Office 365 to send email and share files while
    also staying on top of day-to-day tasks like organizing corporate information,
    tracking store sales and hosting a shared calendar. With the shared calendar in
    Office 365, FLO Wine can maximize promotional activities by coordinating
    schedules the company. Without adding IT infrastructure, the winemaker now has
    the technology it needs to compete with larger wine companies.

Office 365 offers compelling value for a small virtual business,” says
Marcus Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder of FLO Wine. “It gives us 100
percent of the capabilities to compete directly with Fortune 500 company at a
fraction of the cost.”

  • Mom Corps. Mom Corps, a national virtual staffing
    firm, uses Office 365 to build a flexible work environment that gives
    employees the tools to balance work and life, and allows them the ability to tap
    into resources they otherwise would not have had. Employees have the ability to
    collaborate and connect from virtually anywhere and without asking any of them
    to change the way they work.

“It’s so easy to keep in touch,” says Allison O’Kelly,
Founder & CEO of Mom Corps. “I’m in Pennsylvania and my CFO is in Atlanta; we
are able to use Lync Online to review financial reports through sharing screens
and simply talking to each other through our PCs.”

  • Excel Anesthesia. Mobility and security were two key
    factors in Excel Anesthesia’s decision to deploy Office 365, especially as the
    26-physician anesthesia group sought to upgrade compliance procedures. With all
    of the Dallas, Texas-based physicians accessing information on their personal
    computers and phones, standardization, let alone security, is difficult to

“Given the crucial issues surrounding compliance, we
asked our attorney-not just our techies-to evaluate Office 365,” says Michael Walsh,
M.D. and Head of Compliance. “He told us that we couldn’t do better than to
choose Microsoft – with Office 365, we got compliant email at a great value.”

  • Two Camel Films. Reducing
    dependence on email was the primary driver for filmmakers Emily and Elizabeth
    Dell to move to Office 365. In order to communicate with the many people that are
    involved on each film project handled by their company, based in Los Angeles,
    California, the sisters initially relied on their mobile phones and Yahoo.
    Given their heavy travel and production schedules, however, the sisters sought greater
    efficiency and real-time communications, as well as the ability to access
    materials offline.

“It can be a real challenge to coordinate everything
that needs to happen during filmmaking,” says Emily Dell, owner, Two Camel
Films. “Using Office 365 to communicate anywhere, anytime, and to collaborate
on set has been truly liberating. I love how it doesn’t discriminate about what
operating system or browser you want to use.”


Microsoft understands that when it comes to productivity,
one size does not fit all. Office 365 has a number of offerings tailored to the
needs and budgets of small, medium and large organizations. Office
365 Small Business Premium
is uniquely adapted to the needs of small
businesses and gives organizations familiar Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath and Access. All of these services are
delivered in the cloud, meaning they are always up to date.

More small businesses than ever are turning to Office 365 to
be successful. In addition to the stories shared today, you can learn how other
small companies are enjoying the benefits of Office 365, including Meals
on Wheels Greenville County
Mihills Webb Medical, Babesta, Zyvex Technologies, Imagination
and findwell.

And to see what our Windows friends are talking about
during Small Business Week, check out their blog here.

Original Post: https://blogs.office.com/2013/06/17/office-365-a-great-choice-for-small-businesses/